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The Story of Us

We have been lucky enough to have lived, grown and loved all over the world. We have always enjoyed traveling whether it was with our parents and grandparents as children or our spouses, children and grandchildren as adults.  We have stayed in all kinds of lodgings, foreign and domestic, the one thing we are always looking for is, a good bed at a good price.  We have always wondered why you can get a good bed but you have to pay for everything else in addition to the room rate. On the other hand you can get a not-so-great-bed, at a way-cheaper price and get all the amenities for free. Why is that?


Our goal is to provide an exceptional room, with all the amenities, at a fair price. We vow not to "nickle and dime" our customers, the price you are quoted is the price for all you expect, including your taxes.  We promise to listen to you, our customer, and try our best to make this the best Inn experience you have ever had!


Welcome to Maggie Valley and The Cardinal Inn!


Paula and Charlee


The Story of Frank

The story of Frank. Frank is this beautiful maple in our yard. He was planted by the Bergs (original owners) and their daughters. Mrs. Berg, her daughters and her granddaughter visited a couple of years ago and told us some stories about the Inn, including the story of Frank. Frank was one of two trees planted but unfortunately his sibling was struck by lightning and did not survive. Frank grew and flurished. Frank was named by our grandchildren. He is strong, well cared for and lends his presence to our lovely yard.

Feel free to enjoy Frank while you are here, let him shade you and make you smile.


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